The price of airfares rises based on a number of factors. One major factor is the inflation rate. However, the prices do fluctuate. Some airlines raise fares during peak travel periods while others lower them in order to make money. Knowing the factors that affect air fares can make it easier to find the best deals. Here are some tips to help you save money on airline tickets. A few of these factors are: (a) The time of year to buy tickets. It is advisable to purchase airfares 30 days before departure.

If you’re traveling on a budget, try to purchase a ticket more than 14 days in advance. Remember that cheap airfares may not mean a bargain. Some airlines may require that you travel on a specific day, like a Wednesday or Saturday. Some may charge additional fees if you want to pick your seat or bring food onboard. Sometimes, there’s even a fee if you want to print your ticket or buy it at the airport. It’s a good deal if you’re only carrying a backpack. But, if you have other needs, you might not be saving a lot of money.

Another factor that impacts airfare costs is demand. Airlines don’t want empty seats so they calculate demand around the clock. During low oil prices, you’ll benefit from lower prices of jet fuel, but high fuel costs result in expensive surcharges on your ticket. Likewise, high jet fuel prices can add up to a hefty price on your ticket. Buying your ticket ahead of time can ensure you get the lowest possible price for your ticket.

Purchasing a ticket a week before the date of travel can save you a good amount of money. The cheapest airfares, however, are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On these days, airlines load new fares. The cheaper flights will be available a few hours before the flight, so it is worth checking out the cheapest days to buy your tickets. If you can’t wait, you may find the best deals on Sunday.

Using Fare Compare is also a great way to save money. The best time to purchase a ticket is three PM on a Tuesday. The airlines generally announce sales on Monday and Tuesday. The competitors will usually respond on Tuesday, making this the best time to buy a ticket. When it comes to airfare, it’s crucial to be flexible. You should book a ticket a few weeks in advance of the flight. The more advance you purchase, the better.

The cheapest flights are not always the cheapest. For example, the cheapest airfare on Tuesday doesn’t mean that it’s the cheapest on Tuesday. The airline wants to fill as many seats as possible, so they don’t want to let empty seats sit. So, they calculate demand throughout the year and keep it in mind. But the best way to save money on flights is to book a ticket a few days before the date of departure.